SNJ: T-1940: “Constellation Research’s 2017 Enterprise Awards” | Author: Chris Kanaracus | Publisher: ZDNet | #SmitaNairJain #CopyPaste

January 10, 2018, 01:14 PM GMT+5:30

Constellation Research’s 2017 Enterprise Awards

Here are our picks for the year’s top enterprise vendors, technologies, and trends.



URR8n9f9_400x400 Chris Kanaracus is managing editor of Constellation Insights.

Insights delivers exclusive, daily analysis of breaking news across Constellation’s eight business research themes to Constellation Executive Network members.

Prior to joining Constellation, Kanaracus spent seven years covering the enterprise software industry for IDG News Service, where he frequently broke exclusive stories with a focus on end-customer issues. Kanaracus has also held various managerial and reporting roles at newspapers in New England since 1998.

Publisher (Source): Constellation Research’s 2017 Enterprise Awards | ZDNet

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