DON’T GIVE UP … Believe … PRAY …

In the last couple of weeks many organizations have either laid off staff or completely shut down. The employees are now facing an uncertain future with some entering hopelessness. My take from a personal experience…
1. Accept the situation you are in…unemployed but skilled and experienced.
2. Quickly drop your former employer’s jacket and cage. It’s over.
3. Assess your capabilities immediately, both in skill and financially.
4. Pick the next job that can stretch your days. Don’t be picky. To those who have a job shall more jobs be offered.
5. Don’t use your savings to start a business you barely understand. You’ll be undercut by the experienced.
6. Stop brooding while doing nothing. Get up, send that CV to those who can help like a computer virus.
7. Don’t be ashamed to announce your new status. Help is accorded to those who ask.
8. You are still a dignified human being even though you do not have a job. Apply any other talent to make ends meet.
9. Your friends, family and foe alike will abandon you. Don’t waste your time counting who’s in or out….just step out and focus on your needs and opportunities. People will always talk.
10. Knock doors till your knuckles are numb..DON’T GIVE UP, believe, PRAY 🙏 and a new dawn will come.

Source ::: The Smooth Operator